With Make’s intuitive Visual No-Code interface and advanced data processing features, you can easily create automations, link tools and bring your team together to build without needing developers.
Design workflows and watch them run in real time
Create and launch in minutes- not days.
Choose from thousands of apps.
Unlimited use cases across all departments
Enterprise-grade security
We are excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to try out the Make automation platform with a free 3-month trial and 30 min consultation.
At times, the choice between creating your own solutions or outsourcing them can be challenging. Working in collaboration with experts will enable your teams to learn, build and deliver the solutions you require in a much more efficient and cost effective way.
Reduce costs by sharing the workload
Help you build and deliver solutions quickly
Access to a team of Make Certified Experts
Provide targeted hands on training
Enables greater flexibility to deliver solutions
Schedule a call with one of our team to see how Blue Precision can enable your teams to learn, build, deploy and maintain your solutions.
Perhaps you lack the necessary expertise to develop your own solutions, or maybe you’re facing resource constraints. Click to discover how Blue Precision can swiftly deliver business solutions tailored to your needs.
We are Make Certified Experts and a Gold Partner
Broad experience across multiple sectors
If an app doesn’t exist – we have the skills to build one
Robust processes for discovery, design, build and testing of solutions
Tailored Training / Support Package
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Make offers thousands of pre-built apps that users can seamlessly integrate into their automation workflows, with this collection continually expanding as Make and its trusted partners develop more apps to enrich the user experience.If you’re a software provider, you might be overlooking a chance to join the thriving realm of automation. Why not simplify the process for your customers to integrate with other systems in their organization by creating an app in Make?
Gold Partner and Make Certified Experts and App developers
We offer both Community and Verified app development
Assisting with go to market campaigns
Maximise delivered features around your budget constraints
Helping to ‘Make’ you successful in the automation world
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